I want to list my web app into zoom marketplace for testing

Hi, I build a web app that schedules meeting online and has the ability to integrate various calendars so I want to list my app in Zoom marketplace for testing I want to see if it’s working fine within meetings so I can send it for review and do all of approve work so can anybody help me with the testing process how I can see my app within zoom marketplace.


Please see the resources below

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Hi @kwaku.nyante thanks for your response but I don’t understand. Just tell me is there a way to put the app into development in the Zoom marketplace without sending it for review, first only developers can install and test the app from the Zoom marketplace and once they are satisfied then they actually send it for review.

Hello @tommmyy890 So we do not have sandbox environments that can be provided for devs to test, however, we do have something called an authorization URL that could meet this need to a degree. But in this and app testing scenarios only the production environment can be tested. If you want to continue your dev environment using your dev credentials then you can only test internally within your Zoom account

Authorixation URL: Sharing Private and Beta Apps

ok, i understand thanks, I saw some Zoom sample Apps on GitHub. I just want to ask another question how can I enable a feature so that I can show my app within my video let’s say I want to show a timer in my video. how can I achieve this?

please let me know i want to show my some component on zoom video like timers, card etc.

@tommmyy890 you would have to create a Zoom App for in-app functions like that. Please see here: Create a Zoom App for more information on that.

Regards, Kwaku

Yes, i created the app which is working in Zoom client for beta testing but i want to add a camera mode into my react app and put timer into zoom video. can you tell me where is the starting point and code thanks for help.

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