Testing / Publishing flow confusion

I require some clarification as to the intended procedure here.

I am adding a feature that makes use of Zoom’s OAuth API to an existing web service. I have this feature running on our staging server, but obviously not yet in production.

I initially wanted to have my fellow developers help me test the feature in staging using their Zoom accounts. However, when attempting to authorize, they receive the following error: “this app cannot be installed outside the developers account”

I have generated a ‘Testable URL’, which apparently lets me ‘Share your locally developed app with others on your account for further testing’, but my colleagues receive the same error as above when using it. I imagine this is because they are not ‘on my account’, whatever that means.

Is there any way of testing these apps on other accounts before publication?

Edit: I see that in the Submit tab I can submit a request to share the authorize URL before the application is published to the marketplace.

I also read that when the review process is successful, the application is immediately published to the marketplace. The email I received after submission contained this bit of text:

“(If you do not wish to have your app published immediately, please withdraw your request, continue your development and beta-testing, and when you’re ready re-submit for review)”

This is very strange to me. I have two choices: deploy the feature to production before the review is approved, in which case the API calls won’t work, or wait until the review is approved before deploying, in which case the marketplace application will have broken URLs.

Some things that would make this process easier:

  1. Allow the developer to add other Zoom accounts as developers, so they can help test the application before publication.
  2. Allow the developers to choose when to publish the app to the marketplace after the review is complete.

Hey @steveph,

If you add them to your Zoom account they will be able to install and test your app.

Do you see those users listed on your account?

Yes, you can also apply for an external beta testing url.