Testing a multi-user Zoom oAuth app

We are in the process of building a cross-platform mobile scheduling app that leverages the Zoom API. It seems in order to test the API with multiple users we have to publish it in the marketplace.

We are wondering what the best path forward is for us to test whether the API will work for us. The app is not completed and our website is in development as well. What would cause a marketplace app to be rejected?

Any recommendations or thoughts would be welcome.

Hey @zoomtester82,

Good questions!

First, regarding Marketplace App requirements, you can find a list of what to look out for before submitting your app here:

Generally speaking, it’s important that your app is “production-ready” when you submit it—meaning, all fields in your app are filled out, documentation is linked, etc.

In regards to testing your app in development, you might also find it helpful to request a Publishable URL for testing purposes:

This allows you to temporarily test your dev app with users outside of your account.

Let me know if this info helps!


Great, thanks! I have gone ahead and requested a publishable url for testing purposes. Any idea what the turnaround time might be?

Hi @zoomtester82,

Great! This is typically handled within a couple of business days at most. :slight_smile:


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