Id is always blank in webhook?

the event: recording.registration_created

Under what circumstances is the id not blank? i get back, email, firstname, lastname, topic, but not id I need the id for another webhook event later… (changing the registration status) In the example on the page above, a string is returned for the id. I do not get that.

Any ideas?

Hi @jre ,

This is unexpected behavior and you should receive in that response payload.

When you query for the meeting via, are you able to see a value for in the registrants array?

Nonetheless, can you please send the meetingId and screenshots of these webhook responses to support to have this looked into further because this needs to be fixed.


    "page_size": 30,
    "total_records": 1,
    "next_page_token": "",
    "registrants": [
            "id": "FY_vFIgMS9yWohUFN2IEAg",
            "first_name": "jo",
            "last_name": "van",
            "email": "",
            "address": "",
            "city": "",
            "country": "",
            "zip": "",
            "state": "",
            "phone": "",
            "industry": "",
            "org": "",
            "job_title": "",
            "purchasing_time_frame": "",
            "role_in_purchase_process": "",
            "no_of_employees": "",
            "comments": "",
            "custom_questions": [],
            "status": "pending",
            "create_time": "2022-01-13T13:41:49Z",
            "share_url": ""

Thank you for your response
When I query for the meeting via I get the registration Id (above)

meetingid = 89078760748

What is a good way to get/display the webhook results ie test zoom webhooks?

I think my issues lie in the recording settings.

Okay good, glad it’s coming through on the API endpoint @jre :slight_smile:

Please make sure to submit what you’ve shared to the support link I gave in my last response above for the missing value in the webhook. You can paste a link to this conversation as well.

Your recording settings should not affect receiving in the webhook.


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