User_id missing from Zoom webhook payload

We do a lot of reporting using the webhook for webinar events. This primarily relates to how many candidates registered vs how many joined. We specifically check for the user_id in the payload, but as of 3/20 something changed and it’s no longer being populated. Is this a bug or is this expected behavior moving forward? We do some matching based on this id to see if participants have joined other events as well.

Additional information:
As far as I can tell, the webhook is running fine, so I don’t think that documentation relates to this issue. I looked around a little more but I didn’t see anything else about a possible change.

But absolutely yes, I’m happy to share some example data to help the conversation along. Attached an excel and in the first sheet is 2 columns of the data we received related to 1 webinar from creation to now. (The data that I excluded was just batch processing data from the webhook/Stitch and what’s included is just the data we parse.) In the second tab is 1 specific user registration and then attendance events that I pulled out as an example.

Right now, our team only uses two of the events listed: webinar.registration_created and webinar.participant_joined. Within the registration_created event we see the payload sends a value for object → registrant → id but in the participant joined event, the value in the payload for object → participant → id is empty. Previously we were using these values to correlate the registrations to the actual attendees. After reviewing the data in this sheet, it seems like there might be alternative routes, but before we do that I wanted to check to see if this was a modification or if it’s just a bug. If it’s just a bug I can backfill a little bit and hope that it’s fixed soon. If not, then I’ll have to spend some time on the work around.

Hi @shawn.crenshaw ,

Zoom recently updated display rules about IMPORTANT notice about reporting endpoints and participant identifiers in the Meeting API

Let me know if this helps clarify things!

Hi @gianni.zoom,

It does, thanks. Does Zoom send out notifications when changes are made? Or, is the best way to check the announcements page?

Here in the developer forums, you can set a Discourse notification level using the bell icon for the Announcements category, or subscribe to an RSS feed (get the address from the page source). For the developer changelog, it looks like we’re limited to Zendesk follower emails.


Thanks for sharing Christopher. You can also sign up for the developer updates newsletter here @shawn.crenshaw : Zoom Developer Newsletter

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