Webhooks data not returning participant id nor email

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The webhook events meeting.participant_admitted
and meeting.participant_joined return empty strings for
payload.object.participant.id and

The full error message or issue you are running into.

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use webhooks above

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Additional context
The point of me using these webhooks is identifying who
someone has had a meeting with for required business logic.
As it stands, all I get is a user_name and a temporary user_id
which seems useless for identifying zoom users.
The webhook endpoints I am using seem a bit pointless unless
I can correctly identify participants …

Hi @simkin ,

Can you please do the following?

Thank you,

Hello Gianni -

the link you posted refers to someone not receiving webhook
events at all. That is not the issue with me.
I am receiving data, but as I stated above, certain key fields
are empty strings instead of containing needed data.

Hi, @simkin,

Can you share if the users are in your account and signed in when joining the meeting? Also, did the user register and use the unique registration URL to join the meeting?

You may also want to check this helpful forum post for meeting registration and attendance guidance:

API email address display rules

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