Identify device type for meeting participants who don't have an account

The issue is that if a meeting participant doesn’t have an account and/or doesn’t sign into an account, the device is recorded as “unknown”. I am not sure why this would be since that information must be accessible to the app regardless of how they connect (yes?) . Since that info is missing, a call to :


returns “device”: “Unknown” for all participants. Our implementation doesn’t require that participants sign into an account when joining a meeting, they simply use the meeting ID. So, we have no metrics on what kind of devices folks are using to connect which be a useful metric to have. Our particular use case was to determine what participants use a “call in” option on a mobile device so we can send the meeting ID by text. Trying to determine how many folks use a “phone” device to connect would help us determine the frequency and cost of such an implementation.

The fix is simple: add the correct device type for all participants, whether signed into an account or not.

I tried to find an alternative property that might give me an indication that the participant used a phone call to participate but I couldn’t find a property that would indicate that besides the device type

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Would love this feature to be picked on priority if possible. We too use Meeting Participant QoS metric API and receiving device type “Unknown” for all our users, we are currently using Zoom SDK at both our mobile and web clients, hence we don’t actually need our users to have a zoom account. As Pete explains it should be tracked and data to be provided at an API level would be ideally requested.

Linking my feature request too here related to the SDk implementation.