Recieving participant Device "unknown" in Master Account Api

Information for Meeting participants is incorrect.
While getting meeting metrics we are getting a huge number of device unknown values for the meeting participants while customers insist they are using Windows.


We are executing the call below.

How can we get better results that reflect the real device usage for our customers?

Hi @jan.henk.edens
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
By taking a look to our Docs, I found the following:

Can you please confirm if the users that you are getting “unknown” on the response are all part of your account?


I’m using the code below:
var url = $"/v2/accounts/{Uri.EscapeUriString(}/metrics/meetings/{Uri.EscapeUriString(meeting.uuid)}/participants?type=past";

this is resulting in:

device location network_type microphone camera speaker data_center
Unknown Barendrecht (NL) Wifi NULL NULL NULL Germany
Unknown The Hague (NL) Wifi NULL NULL NULL Germany
Unknown Dortmund (DE) Wifi NULL NULL NULL AFR
Unknown Leiden (NL) Wifi NULL NULL NULL AFR
Unknown Katwijk (NL) Wifi NULL NULL NULL Germany
Unknown Leiden (NL) PPP NULL NULL NULL Germany
Unknown Diemen (NL) Wifi NULL NULL NULL AFR
Unknown Cologne (DE) Wifi NULL NULL NULL AIR
Unknown Amsterdam (NL) Wifi NULL NULL NULL Germany
Unknown Noordwijk aan Zee (NL) Wifi NULL NULL NULL OFR

@elisa.zoom Dear Elisa Could you take another look at this issue?

Hey! @jan.henk.edens
Could you please open up a support ticket here:

And share your accountID or email associated with the account so we can investigate this issue further?

I was referred to the forum in the following ticket: [#13425922]

Thanks @jan.henk.edens
Let me look into that and I will update you shortly

Hello Elisa,

@jan.henk.edens is working for us to get our reports on par. This issue however is still not resolved. Any way we can get this moving?

Our customers are depending on it.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @sander.gelauf and @jan.henk.edens

This is the expected behavior, the device field will come back as unknown when the participant joins as a guest (basically when they are not logged in into their Zoom account)