If a meeting uuid starts with /, trying to use it in path results in API error



When we construct a URL path to make a call to Zoom v2 API, if the meeting uuid starts with / character, the API errors with:
ZoomError: This meeting is not available or ID is not valid.

Example uuid from real data (some parts are redacted for security):

Example (redacted some part of the uuid for security):

I tried encodeURIComponent and but it failed, too (redacted some part of the path for security):

I observed that there was no issue if uuid had / in any other position of uuid.




By the way, I tried to pass UUID as a string without base64 like …/v2/past_meetings/{UUID} and the API errors for that case, too.

Actually, why do you encode UUID fields in base64? UUID string representation is already URL friendly. We use it in our APIs and links with no problems.

It would be nice if you can support UUID string representation in your URL paths, and optionally in JSON return values. The second one is optional because it may break some of your clients, but supporting UUID strings in URL paths shouldn’t have this problem.




Hi @it-vendors,

Thanks for informing us about the UUID, we are currently working on restructuring the UUID so that it does not contain a “/” character as its does causes errors in the url. Let me follow up with our Engineering team to see if we can come up with a workaround until we make these changes in the coming months.



Thank you Michael,

Any update on this on your end. It is a pretty bad bug preventing us to migrate to new API. Since API v1 support ended on Nov 1st, it makes us nervous to keep using API v1 in production.




Hi @it-vendors,

Does double encoding the UUID work for you? That might be a good workaround until we can take a further look at the UUID.


Hi Michael,

We would prefer Zoom to support UUID textual representations in their API URLs, like …/api/v2/some_end_point/83368789-d475-43b7-991a-ce6bad0a53f0