IMeetingService::Start() always return SDKERR_SUCCESS even using empty params


ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::StartParam startParam;
ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::StartParam4APIUser& apiuserParam = startParam.param.apiuserStart;
apiuserParam.userID = m_zoomId.c_str(); 
apiuserParam.userToken = m_zoomToken.c_str();
apiuserParam.meetingNumber = _wtoi64(m_strMeetingNumber.c_str());
apiuserParam.userName = m_zoomName.c_str();
SDKError error = m_pMeetingServiceMgr->Start(startParam);

Here, when the userID, userToken, userName were all invalid values, I still got SDKERR_SUCCESS.

Definitely I can’t enter the meeting room, however the result of Start() confuses me.

Can you please double confirm this?




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