IMeetingService::Start() suddenly not working anymore


I’m using the zoom sdk for window for multiple months now. I use the IMeetingService::Start() method to enter a meeting as host. All the time over that worked just fine.

Now suddenly a zoom popup appears where i’ve to enter manually the meeting password. Could you please tell me why this happening now?

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hi, did you use the api user to start meeting. if yes, i think your user token is wrong. please use our REST api to get the correct user token and pass to sdk. could you help to try again. 




yes I’m using the REST api to get the user token. I just double checked, I’m passing the right user token together with the  user id and meeting number to the Start() function. But the problem still persists. What else could cause this?

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which type user you used? if the email login user, please login before you call start meeting. thanks.

no i’m not using the emai, i’m using the users id.

Any updates on that issue? The problem still appears on my side.

hi ,

sorry for later response.

i mean, how did get this accout of the userid? register from our web site? or create by rest api via api user tyep?

if not api user, now we don’t support to start meeting with userid and token for security concern. sorry for that again.