Immersive Mode Excessive Image Redraws on Windows Client

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Zoom Apps Configuration
React with Backend Service, ZoomSdk version 0.16.6 installed via npm GitHub - zoom/appssdk: Build Apps that run in the Zoom Client

The application I’m working on uses immersive mode to draw images on top of participant videos. The application is working well on the Zoom Mac client, however I’m running into interesting issues in the Windows Zoom client.

In the Windows client, every time I draw or redraw one image, all of the other images on the screen flicker, which I assume is a redraw as well. I’ve verified that I’m calling zoomSdk.drawImage only once when seeing this behavior. I do not see any flicker inbetween drawImage calls, so I can only assume the call to drawImage is also doing some kind of refresh on all the other images drawn to the screen.

Again, the app is working great on the Zoom Mac client without any flicker of the images.

Troubleshooting Routes
I already ensured that the app is not excessively calling zoomSdk.drawImage and ruled out a bug in the code from that perspective.

How To Reproduce

  • Use Zoom on a windows machine
  • Start immersive mode and draw a few images with zoomSdk.drawImage
  • Redraw one of the images, call zoomSdk.drawImage with different image data drawn with the same width/height, x/y coordinates, and z index. See that the image id is the same as the previously drawn image
  • Observe that the other images in immersive mode have flickered durning this redraw

@Robert.Wallis , @dean.collins for suggestion.

Thank you for reporting this issue, I’ll share it with the team. Sorry I’ve been out sick the last few weeks.