BUG: drawImage returns different ImageID on Mac vs. Windows

Hello, I’m using the drawImage API for my Zoom App right now.

When I am piloting my app internally, my users on Windows and my users on Mac were experiencing different behaviors. I’m a Mac user, and I set up a Windows VM to test the app. What I found was that drawImage returns a different ImageID in the response for windows and Mac.

On Windows, every time drawImage is called, it returns a different ImageID.

On Mac, every time drawImage is called, it returns the same ImageID every single time. This happens regardless if the app is refreshed or reinstalled. An alarming thing to call out as well is the first 20 chars (tRUWAVh4Rd9TE01nuyrGA in this case), is the clientID of my Zoom app.

Which behavior is correct? I’m running the same code on both Zoom Apps.