Import ExternalContact in batch

Is there an alternative to this API call that allows batch upload / import of external contacts similar to the ‘import csv’ function in ExternalContact of the web portal?

The addExternalContact API call currently only allows 1 user at a time, and any attempt to parse in a list of contacts (valid json format) returns the error “Request Body should be a valid JSON object.”,

Example of a JSON string in the payload which is valid afaik

[{“email”: “someemail”, “name”: “john”, “phone_numbers”: ["+447548468458"]}, {“email”: “anotheremail”, “name”: “jane”, “phone_numbers”: ["+447548468458"]}]

Hi @johnniew

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, and welcome to our community!
I am happy to help here!
Currently we do not have an endpoint that supports importing External Contacts in batch.

Feel free to add a feature request here: