In Browser Meetings


I’m just looking into Zoom API’s and want to be clear about what one can do with REST and JavaScript APIs.

Is it possible to embed Zoom client into a web page and present the meeting through a browser OR will the user end up launching the Zoom client?



Hi Samuel,

The best experience is through a Zoom client. The web based version provides a video of the meeting, the participant would need to call in for audio.


You can perform some functions via the JS API. The functions that are exposed include: create meetings, delete meetings, list all meetings, end meeting and get/update meeting info.


Thank you for your response. When you say, “get/update meeting info”, what exactly “meeting info” entail? Video, attendees list, etc?

You mentioned that video is available which means either through “meeting info” or some other function, video stream is available.


The info that you could get/update from or


“video” is not the correct term, however it looks and feels like video - you can discover more here (written before my time and needs to be updated)


Very useful. Thank you!


I downloaded it, but it does not work

I set data into the customer JS but literally, nothing happens

let signature = ZoomMtg.generateSignature({

apiKey: ‘DS4jeSJ6SdGD4…’,
apiSecret: ‘R3sHhgXxvgokOVC9ghZRC1syb…’,
meetingNumber: 8023412712,
role: 0

Do you know if a need to do something else?


I’m working on rewriting the sample app/documentation/best practices for it now (broken for me too)
Please stay tuned.


Hi Joshua.

Do you have already an answer about it?

We are expecting for this functionality.

I’ll be pending.





Please check out and the simpler sample app and let me know if you have questions


do you can make more extend the documentation of the example of GitHub? 




Hi Joshua.

Good job, do you know if is ready the function to share screen?



There is no screen share functionality for the webclient, it is a view only mechanism.


hi ,Joshua.  We are expecting for sharing screen on web too, Is that possible to be added as a function?


hi ,Joshua.  We are expecting for sharing screen on web too, Is that possible to be added as a function?


Hi Lily,


The features you are seeking are only currently available via the desktop/mobile clients/sdks



 I am trying the example at but I cannot get it to work. My API key and secret are ok because I try them with REST and they work fine. Following the example it seems I have a problem with signature because I get this response

localJsonpCallback({“status”:false,“errorCode”:200,“errorMessage”:“Sin permiso”,“result”:null});

Is example still valid?

I see on other examples that “time” is used for generating signature. Although it seems it is based on seconds from 1970, could ZoomMtg.generateSignature timezone dependent? 




The application is working but could it be possible to call by computer audio?



Carlos i found the same issue but i manually created the signature so you may have to look into the signature thing, try to manually create the signature and you may able to get it to work