Web-API JavaScript File Differences to Native Zoom page meetings

Good morning everyone,

Below I’ll describe our situation and what we hope to achieve.

—Back Story—

Currently we’re using the Web-API to allow out attendees to join meetings through our website. The Presenters/Host would be the only ones using the Zoom application on their PC’s to broadcast the presentation/camera.

Currently in our site with the Web-API doesn’t allow the attendees to see the camera of the Presenter/Host. In our scenario only the Presenter/Host would be broadcasting and sharing their cameras + PPT slides.

When creating and joining a Zoom meeting using the join meeting via “web link” allows the user to join and this user is able to see the camera streams from the presenter/host who is using the Zoom App.

—What we’re looking for—

After talking with out developers they mentioned that there is a difference in the JavaScript Files from the Web-API to what Zoom is using on their end.

We’d like to see if this JavaScript File could be available, or if in the end we would have to use the SDK to make our own version of the Javascript file for our site.

If anyone has any questions or wants clarification please let me know and I’ll provide the details

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post.


What are you looking to accomplish with the Javascript files? Are you looking for attendees who join the meeting via the web to see the camera of the Host?


Hi Michael,

 We have several needs.


  1. (As you said) – Attendees to join a meeting via the web and see the web cam’s of the Presenter(s)
  2. Option for Computer Audio to be used instead of just dial in.
  3. If possible - Use of the Zoom Tools (Polling, Q&A, & Chat)


Right now, we have the presenter’s shared screen & dial in working correctly.


Just to clarify, so that I can help you quicker are you referring to using our REST API or our JS Web SDK


Hi Michael,

We’re currently using JS Web SDK / Web Client 

Link :https://devdocs.zoom.us/docs/javascript-sdk

Please let me know if this answered your comment.


Yes, that helped as well and are you using the sample web app with JS SDK 1.2.4?



Hi Michael,

Currently we’re using the same JS SDK version 1.2.4

We’re currently not using the sample web app but our dev got the idea from it including the script url.

Please let me know if I can provide more details


We have our JS SDK 1.3.0 available - https://source.zoom.us/zoom-meeting-1.3.0.min.js. 

From there you should be able to have two way audio/video. VoIP audio, multi language, and in meeting chat. However, it does not support polling & Q&A at this time. 


Hi Michael, Thanks for posting this reply!

I’ll send this link to our dev right away!


Currently I get the following error when I click on the link:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



<Message>Access Denied</Message>







Good morning Michael, I take my previous comment back as the JavaScript file is loading correctly.

Our Devs are testing it now.

Thanks once again

Good morning Michael, a new question came up from our Devs, currently after updating the JS file, it is breaking our code.

The new version is using underscore js library.

Do you guys have a sample of the webAPI using the new JS file?


Our sample web app has been updated to the new JS file https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web. 

Let us know if that works. 


Hi Michael,

Our team has continued to work on implementing and testing this new version of the API. 

Currently we’ve ran into an issue:

1.- Presenter is using the zoom app to present

2.- Attendees join via web (our web using the latest api 1.3.0)

3.- Attendees can’t see the presenter shared screen or camera if  isSupportAV = true


Please let me know if I can provide more information


 Can you send the request & payload from when you are creating a meeting along with account ID so that we can take a look?


Hi Michael

I’ll get you that info as soon as I can, currently I’ll share a link from another user uwing the sample web app where this user also can’t share the video in all browsers except ie11:


Once I get the details for the payload I’ll post again.

Hi Michael,

Here we’ve made a demo site which is currently experiencing issues with isSupportAV:


Currently we’ve also added a toggle for setting isSupportAV  to true or false.

Here you’ll be able to join a zoom meeting (you’d have to make one to connect to it)


Please let me know if you need more information


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