In Demo, jwt token input screen changes to waiting and goes back to input jwt

i Used the to create a token and when i input the token and press SDKAuth the screen changes to the waiting page but then returns to the input page again, the log says
“AuthWithJwtToken 0”

i create token from using payload:
“appKey”: “”,
“iat”: 1599694135,
“exp”: 1599866935,
“tokenExp”: 1599866935,
then click the share JWT button which copies a link i paste on the input jwt token, the link looks something like:…”
i even tried using…” in the input

what could possibly be going wrong and how to fix it?

Hi @Altruy,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Please try to set the tokenExp to be smaller than exp and see if that helps. If the error persists, could you provide the SDK log for further investigation?


Thenkyou for replying, however i switched to AuthwithSDK, that was easier,

however is it not possible to embedd the entire meeting ui (videos etc) as it is in the main window using browserview ? i want to embed the popup meeting into the main window

looking forward to your reesponse