in iOS11 system, the user cannot enter in the meeting again by API


last night, i can enter in the meeting through my app successfully. but this morning, i cannot enter in the meeting, there isn’t any action. it means we cannot start the zoom.

please give me feedback ASAP

thank you 


Please provide us your meeting number, we will check whether the meeting is expired or not.


I have the same issue. Your demo app in Swift launches and get connected to the service, but can’t start a meeting after clicking on the button. Nothing happens. I wrote a message which is printed in the log when the service is null after calling to 


I’ve spent half an hour with a mate of your team via chat, and he recommended me to explore this community.

No feedback message is displayed when this occurs.

Anyone can explain us if it is because of missing/invalid params in the API call?

Thank you,


Hi David,

you need input credentials in order to start the meeting service. That’s the reason you got “NULL” for meeting service.