Why [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService] return nil


today one of my user get nil when call [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService] .
His device is ipad and ios version is 9.0. SDK version is: [v4.1.34076.1024]

According to previous topics

I check my code, I am sure my app first do auth successfully and then call getMeetingService. Among of thousand users only one user get this error.
so my question is: is there other reason leading to this error?


Hi Guan_bj,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Is there anyway you can get the error log from the user? Is the getMeetingService always get nil or just get nil occasionally? Could you provide more info on how can we reproduce this issue?



getMeetingService return nil, it means SDK Auth was failed. Please make sure that your app checked the result of SDK auth callback at first. We also provided an interface: “- (BOOL)isRTCAuthorized”, and you can call this interface before you try to start/join meeting.

BTW, please check the returnValue of SDK Auth Callback before you are going to start/join meeting with SDK:

  • (void)onMobileRTCAuthReturn:(MobileRTCAuthError)returnValue



Carson Chen via Zoom Developers zoomdeveloper@discoursemail.com 于2019年2月2日周六 上午6:23写道:


Hi Robust
Thanks your reply. I am sure I do join action in

  • (void)onMobileRTCAuthReturn:(MobileRTCAuthError)returnValue
    successful callback status.
    I can try isRTCAuthorized before starting.

For Carson, I can’t provide any more info because all API call is successful and only one user get this error.