"in_room_participants" feild

Zoom API unexpected result from endpoint “/metrics/meetings/{meetingId}”
“in_room_participants” response feild that i get from calling “/metrics/meetings/{meetingId}” always returns zero for active and past meetings , if this is the actual value how can i get the number of distinct participants from zoom API ?

Hi @milhemm
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It looks like the field in_room_participants its the number of participants joining via a Zoom Room, so if none of the participants joining your meeting is using a Zoom Room, it is expected that the number you get is 0

To know the actual number of participants in the meeting, you should be looking at the participants field

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Hi @elisa.zoom ,
thanks for your reply , actually I noted value returned in “participancts” field is greater than the number of attendees in the meeting , it looks like a participant is being counted more than one if he left and join again with the same account , kindly your support to find the distinct count of participants ,

Hi @milhemm
What you see it’s expected, it will count double for participants who leave the meeting and join again.

Hi @elisa.zoom
So , Is not there endpoint for get number of distinct participants for each meeting for a dashboard , if not any suggestions or workaround …

Hi @milhemm
Have you looked into the reports endpoint?

thanks for this but again it is not accepting passing a live meeting it handle only past ones then I need API to get live & past participants count …

Hi @milhemm
Ah I see, I got my endpoint mixed up! sorry about that.
Take a look at our Dashboard endpoint, you can pass live or past meetings there!

thanks @elisa.zoom
but now I think I got weird cenario i am calling “metrics/meetings” twice one time passing LIVE for type and then PAST , i am getting one of the meeting Id in the two calls , can meeting be live and past in the same time?

Interesting, let me do some testing on my end and will update you with my findings

Hi @milhemm
I was able to replicate this scenario on my end.
Let me ask around if this is the expected behavior and will come back to you with an update

Hello @elisa.zoom
could you update me please,

Hi @milhemm
you can call the same endpoint with the same meeting ID and you will get a different uuid for the response