In the current version of zoom Web sdk, can I change size of the zoom-root?

Hi, I went through multiple discussions and found the trick to reduce the size of zoom root by using CSS as mentioned in this link(Zoom Meeting Custom Ui).
This was all pre-video sdk era, I want to know with video sdk available now can I still reduce the size of the websdk to fit my screen layout without breaking the CSS of the entire page.

Also is there a way via which I can make a UI similar to official zoom UI using video sdk?

Hi @shivam007,

To clarify, the Video SDK and our Web SDK are two separate entities. The Video SDK does not currently affect any functionality in our Web SDK and vice versa.

I believe the approach you’re taking with custom UI should still work in our current Web SDK version.

As for the Video SDK itself, please direct questions to this category: #web-video-sdk


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