How to customize the size of zoom video when I integrate the zoom web sdk into my website

I want to integrate the zoom web sdk into my website so that user could join the zoom meeting from our website, but we need to place some other panels together with zoom, how can I do that?

Hi @shipeng_liu,

So it sounds like you want to be able to resize and move the video streams provided by Zoom? If that is the case, then you cannot currently do that with the Web SDK.

However, be sure to register for the upcoming Fully Customizable SDK, which will allow you to manuipulate streams in this way.


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@alexmayo Thank you for your reply! Actually I notice the Fully Customizable SDK, but I have some error to register.
See another post.

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I’ve just replied on that topic :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers @alexmayo! :slight_smile:

@shipeng_liu, I will answer you in your new thread.


I too find it difficult to adjust both the meeting and chat in the same screen. Perhaps someone could help me with it.

Hey @tammieccrumpton,

Currently the Client Web SDK does not support custom layouts and sizing.

If you want to develop a custom experience, please consider sing the Fully Customizable SDK:


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