Including the Tracking Link in the Webinar Registrant Data

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I’m working with a client who has a sales team.

Each team member has a tracking link, so we can see clicks and registrations.

But when someone signs up, it does not indicate in their webinar registrant data (or the webhook) which tracking link they used (the refer link).

Or there is API call to fetch a list of a webinar registrants who used a specific tracking link.

I feel like this is really important most businesses? To be able to then add in a CRM which sales person brought people to the webinar.

Describe the solution you’d like

Include the tracking link/refer link in the webinar registrants data.

Also an endpoint that lets you fetch all registrants by tracking link.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

There are basically none. Because we have no way to connect an email to a tracking link.

I’ve tried to write some Javascript that pulls a query parameter into a hidden field in the registration form, but for some reason setting custom questions using Javascript doe not actually save when the form submits.

Also, you cannot drop Javascript in anywhere on the registration pages.

Looking into other potential tracking links.

Oh… so much.

Caveat: I am talking about meetings for which registration is required, not webinars, even though we call our meetings webinars. Reason: our webinars are interactive, and the Zoom webinars service is one-way only.

We are looking at having to go back to GoToWebinar because within their backend system, you can create unique registration links for each source, and each registration is tracked from that URL. This way, we can tell which advertising/mail/social/etc. efforts are working - AND we have deals with various places where if they talk about our next webinar, they get X amount for every registration that comes from their efforts. Sure, we have set up short links in our own systems and know how many CLICKS from each source, but we cannot tell how many REGISTRATIONS came from those links.

This is very important to us, and it’s… painful to not have it with meeting registration.

I came up with a bit of a workaround but it’s not perfect, just “good enough” for my client.

Basically everyday I fetch all the tracking links and note down their visitors and registration counts - creating a “history log”.

And then I have another script that calculates the differences day to day for each tracking link, but again I don’t know which emails are part of those registrants, just that link #1 had 3 more registrations since yesterday, link #2 had 10 more, etc.

Good to know about GoToWebinar! I’ll keep that in mind for future clients.