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Hi, I am using the oauth2 app type to build a zoom chat application.
Is there any way to get webhooks for incoming chat messages?
I only see chat_message.sent for example.

Hi @pascal.ney
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Here is a list of all the events available for our Team Chat Apps

Hi, @elisa.zoom thanks for the quick answer. As I already said, I know there is a chat_message.sent event available. But I only get the event from the messages my own account is sending. Is there a way to get webhooks, when another user sends a message in a channel of which I am a member?

Hi @pascal.ney
If the Team Chat app you are using is a user level app then you will only be getting events for yourself.
Now if it is a admin level app you will be able to get events from all users under the account

So how does this work then? Does only the admin receive the webhooks or everyone under the account? For context: I want to build a zoom chat integration on a website with oauth2, where every user has to log on themselves and needs to see the channels they are part of and the messages within them.

Hi @pascal.ney
So basically if you develop an account-level app, you will be able to receive events from everyone under the account. (the admin has to install this app)

Okay, but how do I distinguish who is looking at my chat, or who is sending messages? Is there a way for a seperate login to zoom for my users, so I can store their zoomid in my database for example?

Also, if I use an account-level app, will I be able to see all chats and not only chat channels, or is that a general limitation?