Incoming shared screen limitations for underpowered users

I am currently running multiple virtual machine zoom instances through our account, and the platform works mostly fine based off zoom minimum requirements. My machines are set to 2 cores off a 2700x with 8gb of ram associated each, but as soon as I encounter screen sharing the zoom clients lag and cause severe audio and video discrepancies. After investigating further through inbuilt zoom statistics I discovered that the native screen share resolution is limited to a maximum of 1920x1080, and that regardless of the native resolution (in this case 1024x768) the client wouldn’t scale the received resolution at all and hence bog the system down completely. I tested upping the virtual core count and it didn’t really help either as I believe it’s a video acceleration issue (Virtualbox platform related), rather than a virtualisation one.

What I’d like is the option on individual accounts to either disable incoming screen shares for yourself (either at the admin level on or in meeting/webinar), or to set a functional limit and scale the incoming input to a specific fps and resolution. We already have the ability to limit outgoing screen shares to ‘x’ fps, so being able to have it on the incoming would be handy too. Ideally I would prefer the scaled option out of the two ie:1080p incoming resolutions reduced to ‘x’, 720, 540, etc etc.

Having run tests with sharing a browser window and adjusting the size, I found that at 500x200 approx 25fps there was no lag or problem with the system.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks!