Inconsistent rendering positioning & dimensions in Layers API

Layers API seems to render incorrect position and dimensions on Mac zoom clients.

Example zoomConfig response:

drawParticipant is called given the following positions:

height: 552.84375
participantUUID: "10ADB150-7DDA-064D-924A-9651B65E6566"
width: 781.21875
x: 43.390625
y: 282.46875
zIndex: 2

This should position the participant in the middle of the following box, but as you can see the X, Y positions AND the width, height positions are off by exactly a factor of 2:

The correctly expected behavior occurs on some windows clients. Example (running the EXACT same code as above)

To further clarify after more testing:

  • Rendering positions work as would be expected on Windows 10
  • On Windows 11 and Mac devices all dimensions require a factor of 2 to render correctly
  • There doesn’t seem to be any way to detect whether this factor of 2 is needed on a particular device, resulting in a very poor user experience

@MaxM , @Robert.Wallis , or anyone from Zoom team: this seems like a pretty fundamental issue with the layers API unless I’m missing something. Rendering on Windows clients seems to be inconsistent between Mac and PC clients making a nonfunctional experience for many users. Can you comment?

Does window.devicePixelRatio give you the factor of 2 you’re looking for? Window: devicePixelRatio property - Web APIs | MDN

@Robert.Wallis : genius. Yes it does.

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You can also check this sample app for examples of working with the Layers API as it pertains to multiple device sizes:

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