Runaway process created using Layers API

Zoom Apps Configuration

  • Any Zoom App using the layers API (runRenderingContext)
  • Mac Desktop client latest version 5.11.6 (9890)

Invoking the layers API (i.e. runRenderingContext and then drawing layers) creates running processes on my computer. However, when the video stops displaying, and even when the meeting ends and the zoom client is completely closed these processes remain.

With repeated use of Apps using this API, it makes the computer slow and eventually unusable. Screenshot of my processes after testing an app for some time (note Zoom is completely closed at this point, none of these should still be running):

How To Reproduce

  1. Invoke Layers API a few times
  2. Quit Zoom
  3. Look at your running processes

Thank you for reporting this bug, we will take a look at it. This is very helpful.