Layers Not Rendering Correctly on Windows Client

Windows Running latest Zoom Client 5.12.2

Layers API does not render correctly. For example, it positions several elements successfully in the canvas, and then freezes (see screenshot) Several users have reported the issue. Behavior works as intended on my Mac client.

How To Reproduce

  1. Call runRenderingContext with option view: 'camera'
  2. Draw something on the canvas (in the above example, call drawParticipant and drawWebView with valid options). Both draws are positioned properly, but neither finishes rendering.

Could you please verify that:

  • drawWebView is using the for the width and height, and the x, and y are 0,0 ?

Thank you!

Confirmed on both accounts. Although noting that it seems to fail regardless of what valid width, height, x, and y are used. I.E. it positions them correctly in the frame but, fails to render them.

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Is the windows system using a high dpi screen? I’ve seen issues drawing in the past related to the size of the image being drawn when the scaling factor is used with the size of the image. Could that be a factor here?

If not, it seems like this could be an issue with the way the client renders. Are you able to send a code snippet to reproduce the issue? You can also use the Basic Sample App as a reference

Thanks for the response Max. In this case it’s not a high DPI screen. It’s hard to consistently reproduce… it seems like the rendering intermittently fails. We’ve heard from several customers that have experienced this so it’s not related to a single machine.

There is another ticket about intermittent failing of the layers API, but what I’m describing here is essentially a silent failure, in that it doesn’t throw an error.

I’ll update this if I can find a consistent way to reproduce.

Thank you for testing, I’m eager to see if we can get to the bottom of this as well.