Invalid Redirect URL (4700) on valid redirect url

When a user tries to authorize our Account-level OAuth app, they encounter following error message:


{"status":false,"errorCode":4700,"errorMessage":"Invalid redirect:","result":null}

This worked before, no changes were made recently. We have this domain added to the OAuth allow list with any wildcard:

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

App URL:

If I change redirect_uri to the default uri configured in Redirect URL for OAuth section, it works just fine, no error is displayed:

Can you please check what’s going on? Seems like OAuth allow list is ignored.

Welcome @bl_developer.

Thank you for writing us, and I am happy to help. First, Can you remove and add the redirect URL to your App and let us know the results?

I will keep an eye out for your reply.


@donte.zoom thanks for your reply

It’s not possible to remove the redirect URL from production app. Zoom app marketplace won’t let you do that and publish the app:

Hi @bl_developer
It looks like the the redirect URL that works fine in your workflow has a different domain that the one you are trying to add with the any wildcard syntax.

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