Individual Video Muting Option

I would like to request a new feature that would greatly enhance the user experience during video meetings. Specifically, participants would benefit from having the ability to mute individual videos.

Often, there are participants whose videos are not relevant to the current discussion or simply not necessary for others to see on their monitors. Currently, participants are required to ask these individuals to hide their videos, which can be inconvenient and disrupt the flow of the meeting.

To address this issue, I propose implementing an individual video muting option. This feature would allow participants to mute specific participants’ videos without their knowledge, effectively freeing up valuable screen space. By having control over which videos they see, participants can focus more on the content that matters most without any distractions.

I firmly believe that this feature would greatly improve the efficiency and user experience of our video meetings. It would empower participants to customize their view and optimize productivity during collaborative sessions.

I kindly request that you consider this feature request and evaluate the feasibility of implementing it in the Zoom video conferencing platform.

Thank you.