Silence Speaker option for any Participant, by any Participant

I’m always frustrated when I am in a meeting with both remote and in-office people. When someone sitting next to me on a call talks, there is a very bad echo (due to expected latency).

There are also times when folks have background noise and the meeting leader isn’t acting to mute them.

Describe the solution you’d like
As a participant I should be able to silence of just one other participant on my computer only. Not mute them, just make it so I cannot hear them. There is already a ‘speaker is speaking’ indicator, maybe this can blink or be a different color when the silence speaker is enabled for someone who is talking.

You could also auto-disable silence when this person hits mute, but still have the option to silence the person until the call ends of you un-silence them.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Most of the time I end up cranking up the volume in my ear to drown out the in-person speaker. This makes me feel quite isolated, but in the office, an odd feeling.

Additional context
Have a lovely days, thanks =D

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Yes, I would love this as well.

If you use Zoom for education and you are focused on differentiated learning, all the students hear you when you speak and it can be quite distracting for them.

Zoom would be perfect for me, personally, if they could implement a feature to allow and disallow other participants to silence others…