Infinite loop sharing

Is there any way to know that user sharing is having an infinite loop sharing?

Which Web Video SDK version?


Hi @superprokid ,

Thanks for your post! Is this issue occurring with only one user, and is it persistent?


I mean i want to know if is there anyway for the sharing person to know that he’s having an infinite loop of sharing in videoSDK?

We don’t have a built-in function capable of this but it is theoretically possible if you were to block the user from sharing the same window or use computer vision techniques to decipher the image.

Ultimately, I think the complexity and system load required for this wouldn’t be worth it in many cases.

What’s your use case for this? Are you seeing this is a frequent issue?

oh, if it’s a hard system load I prefer not to use it
I just want the user sharing to know they going to have an infinite loop, not a big issue

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