Init Zoom Phone Smart Embed with pre-populated phone number


Our team is presently investigating potential new methods to improve our upcoming Zoom Phone integration.
Even though there is currently a command ‘zp-make-call’ that can initiate a call immediately, it would be helpful to have the option to merely set the number in the dialer window without actually making a call. It could be ‘zp-set-number’ or a similar event that may be used to modify the number in the iframe app even after it has been launched.
Including this functionality would considerably improve our service and make life easier for our customers.

This would be a very beneficial event to improve the zoom phone experience for our customers. Is this the correct forum to make a feature request like this?

Hi @ccr1 and @stephen.sper
This is indeed the right place to submit a #feature-requests
I will move this post to the proper category!
Thanks for your feedback!