Zoom Smart Phone Embed Make Call doesn't do anything

Using zoom phone smart embed inside iframe. I am able to login and do everything but make a phone call.

So SMS and Voicemail work, but when I try to dial out it doesn’t work.

Adding some details. In DevTools Network I see

status code 200 OK

skype stuck on calling

This doesn’t reflect in the Zoom Workplace Desktop app.
Everything else works, sms - voicemail etc.

More info :
If I initiate a call from the Desktop app is does reflect calling in the smart embed widget. Not sure if that is useful information.

I think I need to enable ** Automatically Call From 3rd Party Apps** but I can’t find it in the account settings per the guide. For reference this account in the forum isn’t my Dev account from work.

I only have these options in Admin section

I see these in the console when I call the zoom phone number and try to answer from the smart embed app.

Just to follow up. The answer was to enable Automatically Call From 3rd Party Apps . I didn’t have control over this due to the account having Tier 1 access instead of Tier 2 - at least that is my understanding.

This is in the guide under prerequisites