ZoomPhone Make a Call

Our company has website uses developer account on zoom. In this website we have a phone pad screen to input phone number, select an account has Zoom Phone and call button for Make A Call with number typed with account Zoom Phone selected
Could you please give me an API to make a call with number and account selected

Thank you
Best Regards!

Hi @zoom-human69 , it sounds like you’re using the zoom phone smart embed? Take a look at the documentation for how to make calls: Zoom Phone Smart Embed guide

Hi @gianni.zoom,

I tried zoom phone smart embed but it required login with account info (my company has more than 50 account zoom). My company don’t want to Manual login, all we need a automatic login with account that saved on db or token for login

Hi @zoom-human69 , can you please link the documentation for the configuration you’re using?