Initialization Error with React Native Zoom Meeting SDK 6.20.0 Using JWT Token

Meeting SDK Type and Version React Native Zoom Meeting SDK (react-native-zoom-us: ^6.20.0)

Description We recently updated our application, Mentoga, to the latest Zoom Meeting SDK for React Native but encountered an issue with SDK initialization. Previously, using version 6.18.0, the SDK functioned correctly. However, after updating to 6.20.0, the SDK now requires a JWT token for initialization, and we’re facing an error that prevents the SDK from initializing.

Error? Upon attempting to initialize the SDK with the JWT token, we encounter the following error:

[Error: Error= 1 (invalidArguments), internalErrorCode=0]

This error persists despite following Zoom’s documentation for JWT token creation.

Troubleshooting Routes

  • Followed Zoom’s guide for creating a JWT token (Create a Sample JWT for Meeting SDK).
  • Checked for compatibility issues with our current React Native version (“0.71.3”).
  • Searched the forum for similar issues but found no directly applicable solutions.

How To Reproduce Steps leading up to the error:

  1. Updated the SDK from 6.18.0 to 6.20.0 in a React Native environment.
  2. Followed documentation to switch from SDK key and secret to JWT token for initialization.
  3. Encountered the initialization error upon running the application.

We are seeking guidance on resolving this initialization issue to ensure our application can function properly with the updated SDK. Any assistance or insights from the community or Zoom support would be greatly appreciated.

@MentogaApp Zoom Meeting SDK is not supported on react native. You are probably using a community created library.

Yes, you are right. We are using GitHub - mieszko4/react-native-zoom-us, which is built on top of Zoom’s iOS and Android Meeting SDKs. However the issue that we are facing is that of Zoom’s error.