I am using the endpoint to control de meeting, specially to start, pause, restart and stop recordings.
It is working almost all the time, but some users are facing problemns, they have reported that after a recording start comand, the does not acctualy star the recording, even after Zoom API returna a HTTP202 response code. How is it possible?

How could I be sure that the comand were really executed? Is there any endpoint I could ask for that?
The endpoint at “PATCH /live_meetings/{meetingId}/events” return only a http code 202, withpout any response body, and it is HTTP202 even when i send reapeted sequential comandas, like 3 recording.start, per example.
How could I be sure the comand were in fact executed?

I think it would be a great idea to return a an id or a token from the “PATCH /live_meetings/{meetingId}/events”, so we could talk to zoom support with some valid reference.

Please, we need a solution, because or clients are losting importnate recordings…

Hi @anderson.miranda
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I do not think that there is an endpoint that will allow you to check if the recording has been started, paused or restarted, but you could leverage our webhooks and that way you will receive an event everytime an action is triggered

Hi @elisa.zoom , thank you for your attention

Yes, actually we was using webhooks for a while, but we faced some issues, events lost, events being received only after hours, and our IT infrastructure was ok…

So we developed our solution to control recording time, using our user events and not the zoom webhook events… we did that because sometimes we bareilly does not receive the webhooks events in time…