Inquiry about Zoom audio/video issues in Android 11, Chrome browser users

Dear Dev Community members,

Recently, we have encountered cases where our customers who were using Android 11 and Chrome browser couldn’t unmute themselves and start their videos when they joined our Zoom meetings.

Currently, we are using the Zoom API function to enable customers to join the meetings directly from our website using the Chrome browser. All our meetings have a scheduled meeting/webinar registration as a prerequisite and our registrants are identified by account identification (not PMI).

When the customer attempted to unmute, the following pop-up message appeared on the device:

“The host does not allow the participants to unmute themselves”

After the appearance of the pop-up, the customers couldn’t start the video or unmute on their own. However, the customer’s video/audio issues were solved when the host put the participant in the waiting room and then readmitted the participant. There were two cases in total and the occurrence dates are the following:

Although we are currently dealing with the issue manually by putting the attendees in the waiting room and readmitting them, we would like to know if there’s a better way to solve the issue. It is critical for us to provide a stress-free experience for our customers when joining our meeting. If you can identify the issue and let us know, it will be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,

Todo Live Management Team

Hi @TodoLive, thanks for using Zoom.

Apologies, but I am not seeing anything here related to our Android Meeting SDK. Since you mentioned using Chrome and our REST API, this may be better suited for either the #api-and-webhooks or #web-meeting-sdk cateogory. :slightly_smiling_face:


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