Failure to Unmute in Meeting

Zoom Meetings version 5.10.3 (5580) on a fully patched Android 11 running on Motorola G Stylus 2021 will not unmute when a Jabra EVOVLE Link MS headset is plugged in.

Zoom is the only communication app on the phone showing this behavior. The Google phone app, Signal, Duo, and several other apps that support vocal communication all work without issue.

Additionally, on rare occasions ( Zoom meeting started immediately after phone reboot ), the Zoom will function with the headset allowing mute and unmute, but somewhere around the 5th mute, it will stop unmuting.

At this point, support is completely stumped and told me to ask here, as well as the headset being completely unusable with the phone – works 80% on computers (the headset has inline volume, mute, hang up. Depending on the release of Zoom meeting, the inline mute may or may not control the
Zoom mute. Some release the headset mute toggles the Zoom mute, other release it is separate).

Any thoughts or ideas?