Integrate Meeting sdk for testing stage

HI All,

My use case story:
I have a web application in development phase, which needs to integrate with Zoom for allowing user in my web application to schedule video meeting based on zoom and later launch the meeting in my platform using the client/component view.
The users in my platform can be one of the following regards to zoom:

  1. With existing zoom account
  2. without zoom account

Zoom Tools:
After making deep search in the zoom api, i found the Meeting SDK the best choise for my needs.
When my user ask to create video meeting in my platform, he will transfer to authorize my app based on OAuth flow, if the user has no zoom account - he will ask to sign up (taking care by zoom side) , and if he have an account - he will sign in and authorize my zoom app.
The expected result is to get user code and switch it to access_token/refresh_token to store in my database for future use.

Development steps & Problems:

  1. I set up Meeting SDK app.
  2. add redirect url with ngrok tunnel to bypass localhost redirect url issue
  3. add the Testable url from zoom app to my local developemnt.
  4. launch the Testable url when user in my web application ask to create meeting video.
  5. the user sent to authorize my app, after he sign up with zoom - he sees the following message:
    “Application not found” in zoom market place.

Important points:

  1. The user not connected to my account (aka external user).
  2. I tried the same with my zoom account and i managed to redirected back to my application.
  3. Never the less - after redirected with my account back to my application, i can’t get an access token
    from although i have a “code” in the query string, the response is 400 Bad Request.
  4. My zoom account - is a free account for now.

The expected results:

  1. External user manage to authorize my testing zoom app and redirected back with code in query string
  2. switch that code to access_token from the external user and from my user too

Any help will be much appreciated.