Zoom meeting sdk integaration in test stage

HI All,

My use case story:
I have a web application in development phase, which needs to integrate with the zoom api.
The users in my platform needs the options to make a video meeting in the future, and the meeting will occur inside my web application, using client/component view.
With regarding to Zoom - my users split into:

  1. users without existing zoom account.
  2. users with existing account which not connecting to my zoom account (aka external users).

Zoom tools:
After deep learning of the zoom api, I found the Meeting SDK is the best options to my case.
When a user will ask to schedule a meeting inside my platform - he will redirect to OAuth flow url, and
authorize my zoom app, he will create a zoom account if not exists or login if already exists - this part is taking care by zoom platform.
After authorize my app - the user will be redirected back with a code, and I’ll switch the code for access_token/refresh_token for future use.

Development steps & encounter problems:
What I manage to make so far is:

  1. Create Zoom meeting SDK app.
  2. redirect the user to authorize my app from localhost environment using Testable Url.
  3. connect my localhost to ngrok to bypass the localhost issue for redirect_uri by replacing localhost:port/index.html to -
  4. when I’m login with external user zoom account to authorize my app, I get an “Application not found, It may have been deleted or you don’t have permission to view it right now.”
  5. when I’m performing the login with my account, which create the zoom meeting sdk app, I redirected back with a code in the url.
    but when I’m trying to replace the code for access_token/refresh_token when fetching https://zoom.us/oauth/token, I get an error response of -

The expected results:

  1. External user will see the app when redirecting, authorize the app, and redirect back with a code.
  2. Send the code and app credentials to https://zoom.us/oauth/token - return access_token/refresh_token.
  3. Make this work when zoom meeting app is not publish if possible.

Any help will be much appreciate!

@avidant Hope you will be fine.

For :point_down: you need to publish your app on Zoom Marketplace first for External Users Authorization.

For :point_down:

Please watch sessions here

Zoom Integration OAuth App Part 1
Zoom Integration OAuth App Part 2

If still any query please ask. Thanks

@freelancer.nak thanks for your reply.
I found the the “unsupported_grant_type” error related to the call from postman, when i’m doing it from my server side (.NET) it work as expected like yor youtube example.

About the publish app process - there is no sandbox environment, or something similar?
Is the publish process is quick? can you point me to useful tutorial?


In my case, the owner account is normally authenticated, but when another account user authenticates, “Application not found, It may have been deleted or you don’t have permission to view it right now.” appears. How did you solve the problem?
Is it not possible to authenticate users of other accounts in the Draft account?

Is it not possible to authenticate users of other accounts in private apps? Or are there any restrictions on use?

@oncledu Hope you will be fine.

Zoom App type? e.g Server-To-Server, Zoom Apps etc?

I created an app as User-managed app with oAuth 2.0.
We want our users to use their accounts on our site.

@oncledu is the issue resolved ?