Integrating screen sharing for SaaS application


I’ve read through much of the documentation, but I’m still unsure whether we can accomplish our task of providing an eloquent way to provide screen sharing / remote assistance to local governments which use our SaaS product.  This is what we’re looking for:

— a govt employee clicks a button (“get help”) on our SaaS app (IE browser)

— on the phone, we provide the govt employee with an auth code which they then enter on their end

— assuming proper auth, Zoom installs what it needs on the govt PC (w/o requiring admin rights) and initiates the screen share (with the ability for the govt employee to allow us to drive the session)

— govt employee would have another button on our SaaS app to kill the session

All govt PCs exclusively use Internet Explorer and are tightly locked down.  So we need a solution that doesn’t require elevated/admin rights.

Is this possible?  Govt users are not the most technical, so we need to make this as easy as possible.

Many thanks!


Craig,   zoom app installation doesn’t need admin priv. on the local PC.  Regarding your workflow - take a look at our web client and Javascript SDK ( We do not support two way video in our web client SDK but if you are only looking for screen share, it should be doable.  We are in the process of expanding the web client SDK and this will have more richer interfaces in the next few months.  This will also eliminate the need for native client installs.

Wei @ Zoom


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