Integrating the zoom windows SDK with our recorder

I would like to build an app that records a video feed of one of the participants directly into our servers without being the host. This is a legal application and what zoom provides is not doing what we are trying to accomplish.
My questions are simple,
1- is it possible?
2- if it is, is it against the zooms TOS?


Which Desktop Video SDK version?
The latest

Hi @ladycsr, thanks for using the dev forum.

Are you specifically looking to record the content form a Zoom meeting? If so, the Video SDK is not compatible with the Zoom meeting ecosystem, so this would be a better question for the #desktop-meeting-sdk category. Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding and we can go over what is possible with the Video SDK.


Hi Jon,

Yes. That is correct.

I would want a user to install out customized zoom app and when the user clicks any zoom link to join a meeting, instead of the default zoom app it would use our customized zoom app.
The customized zoom app will have features that the legal field needs… one of which the recording that records directly to our server (even when they are not a host).

hope this helps.

Hi @ladycsr,

In that case, the best place to post for more information would be the #desktop-meeting-sdk category I mentinoed earlier. :slightly_smiling_face:


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