Integrating zoom video call service into my django application

My app has two types of users. Partners and customers. Partners show their availability and customers can book based on the availability. Booking is basically a video call between partner and customer.

Now partner and customer can register and interact with each other, book and have a video call.

I wanted to integrate this into my web page. I want the zoom to be embedded into the web page because I don’t want my users to install additional zoom application.

My app will have multiple zoom video call, many going on in parallel.

Which zoom services should I refer to. What is the pricing. Any link to documents.

Is this not the right forum for such question?

Hi @shrash_1994 , Did you get any solution for this. The same scenario is there in my application. Please let me know the solution if you have any.

@prashant4 , @shrash_1994

You can use the SDK to Host concurrent meetings. Here is our support documentation on this topic:

Zoom Plans & Pricing: