Pricing for Integrating Zoom on my website for One to One Zoom call

Our website will be set up one to one (in future - one to many Zoom call ) Zoom call between two users on my site.

Does the use of the embedded video/web SDK in our website has any fees or costs? or can we(our company) use(embed) it for free?

Does our company has to pay for this “service”? or does it have a free monthly plan that is just limited? and if so what are the limits?

Keep in mind I’m asking about our costs as a company for using your tool(zoom embedded video/web SDK) in our website?

I would also appreciate a link to an updated sample app for creating and joining a zoom meeting in our react-nest app?

kind regards

Hi @fisher.ziv
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

Here is a link where you will find information about pricing for the Video SDK

Thank you for the reply you’ve been most helpful.

Allow me to elaborate some more about us.

We are a non-profit organization named Hilma, and we are looking to integrate Zoom video meetings into our website for 1-1 meeting.

Iv’e read through the video sdk link you sent me.
Does the use of this tool have any additional fees besides the price per minute?any usage fees?

Is it possible for us to utilize any embedded sdk on our website for free user accounts with a limitation of 40 minutes per meeting per user?

Does the video sdk and api is currently open to use and experiment for developers? and if so can you please redirect me to the relevant links for this specific case?