Integration between Zoom meeting and Tutor LMS

After creating the API Server to Server OAuth on the Zoom developer account side and inserting the credentials on the Zoom Add-on of Tutor LMS and testing the connection correctly, I was able to see Zoom meeting icon in the buil up of the courses inside Tutor LMS and create a meeting via Zoom on back end.

However, after setting the time of the meeting to be in the future (1 or 3 or even 5 hours later), choosing the correct time zone that is the common time zone between tutor LMS and Zoom, and publishing the course, On the front end, I notice that the course is set with a wrong time, which is always two hours before the current time, making the course already expired on the front end and unable to open the Zoom meeting.

Would you be able to give me thought a solution of this problem?