Our client reported “Time showing Wrong in Zoom Window”

Meeting scheduled at 03.00 pm with time zone ‘EDT’ but attendee sees different time ‘04.00 PM’.

Can someone please let us know why this is happening.

Below is our createmeeting request php code

  public function createAMeeting( $host_id,$data = array() ){
      $post_time = $data['start_time'];
      $start_time = date("Y-m-d\TH:i:s", strtotime($post_time));

      $createAMeetingArray = array();
      $createAMeetingArray['topic'] = $data['topic'];
      $createAMeetingArray['type'] = $data['type'];
      $createAMeetingArray['start_time'] = $start_time;
      $createAMeetingArray['timezone'] = $data['timezone'];
      $createAMeetingArray['password'] = $data['password'] ? $data['password'] : NULL;
      $createAMeetingArray['duration'] = $data['duration'];
      $createAMeetingArray['settings']['join_before_host'] = $data['join_before_host'] ? true : false;
      $createAMeetingArray['settings']['host_video'] = $data['host_video'] ? true : false;
      $createAMeetingArray['settings']['participant_video'] = $data['participant_video'] ? true : false;
	  $createAMeetingArray['settings']['alternative_hosts'] = $data['alternative_hosts'];
	  $send_action = 'users/'.$host_id.'/meetings';
      return $this->sendRequest($send_action,'POST', $createAMeetingArray);

@michael.harrington @MaxM @will.zoom @tommy Someone please help me with this.

Hey @Dora_Reddy,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. This sounds like the meeting is being shown in the users local time. Do you know what time zone the user has set in the Web Portal?

If you send in a ticket to our Support Team we can take a look at the specifics to confirm this.


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