Integration to EventsAir

Hi, I’m trying to setup an integration with a software we use (EventsAir). They say everything is correct from their side but zoom API gives this error: Update Live Platform - Zoom API Failed to retrieve users, error code: 124, error message: Invalid access token.
I made sure API key and secret are both correct.
What I also see in the call logs of the zoom JWT app that’s being used for integration, as a part of user data, is this: “verified: 0
does it mean my user needs to be verified somehow, or might there be another reason?

Hey @gkv,

Their article you mentioned looks very outdated as I do not recognize any of the Zoom screenshots they are showing, and they also do not specify what type of Zoom App to create.

That being said we do not recommend sharing your API Key and Secret with external integrations.

I suggest you reach out to them to see if they have a more updated guide.


Hi Tommy
Thank you for checking this out. The given guidelines are indeed misleading, that’s why I’ve been in communication with them (for almost two weeks now). They provide this integration for years, and say everything is set up in a correct manner from their app’s side.

The only condition they mention is Webinars feature that needs to be installed in zoom (which is in place).

Does the error or log ring a bell?

Gleb Kachaev | Process analyst
EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers)

Hey @gkv,

Unfortunately they are operating outside of our Marketplace Terms of Use, asking you to share your developer credentials.

Which API is failing? If you could find out, that would help.