Integration with Dropbox

I was directed by Zoom Support to post my question here. I hope this all makes sense.

I am attempting to use the Dropbox integration with Zoom so that all of our recorded meetings will automatically copy to our Dropbox folder.

I have successfully accomplished this with my license but I have 12 other license holders who I want this same for. Does anyone have suggestions how I can have their recordings copy to the same Dropbox folder?

Thank you in advance,

Hey @wcrawford3,

Thanks for reaching out about this—to clarify, are you using this App developed by Dropbox, listed on our Marketplace?

Or are you leveraging another integration?

If it’s the former, I would actually recommend reaching out to Dropbox to see if this is possible, as they built this integration. (You can contact them here) If it’s the latter, let me know.


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