AUTO Send + Delete Zoom Recordings (App not working, recommendation needed)

We’ve been using to move recordings from Zoom to our Team Drive in Google Drive.

The app has since STOPPED working and hasn’t worked in months. We’re not able to even access the configuration page to get through their steps to fix the problem.

We’re looking for an alternative that can help us MOVE the recording into a Team Drive, and then automatically delete. Whether it’s a quick integration or we need to set a few things up first, that’s ok. But ideally looking for a “set & forget” type option.

Hey @preston,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Have you tried reaching out to Support to see if they’re able to help you troubleshoot any issues with their Zoom integration?

If you’re interested in another solution altogether, you could consider checking out the other available apps on our Marketplace to see if something else might be a better fit:

Or, you could consider building you own integration to handle this. Our Cloud Recording API endpoints return unique download_urls for each cloud recording, which you could leverage by downloading into your Google Drive.


Yes, we have. We’ve been in contact with them since August, but more on top of it consistently since October started. They’ve just apologized, but have not been able to help us with a solution except not to pay our invoice.

I did take a peak, it looks like there isn’t another app that sends directly to Google Drive.

Could you give me more insight into your last point? I did have some mention we could setup a webhook…

Hey @preston,

Thanks for clarifying.

In regards to my last point, you might consider pulling your recordings via API and then downloading them into your google drive. You could either pull these manually using this endpoint:

Or, you could subscribe to our Recording Completed Webhook, which sends a payload containing a download_url for each recording as soon as it’s finished processing after a meeting. This would be my recommendation, as it doesn’t require you to manually query our Cloud Recording endpoint. You would still, however, need to set up logic on your end to ingest the download URL and send the download to your drive.

I hope this helps!

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